Official Federated Alliance Koozie!

Official Federated Alliance Koozie!


Keep a beverage of a moderate temperature at that same temperature while declaring your allegiance to the just and benevolent Federated Alliance with the official welcome token of Alliance ambassador teams everywhere. Collapsible for easy storage in the flap or chute of your choosing.

Made from soft, durable Neoprene sourced from the jungle moon of Neoprenia, and lovingly stitched by the dextrous claws of the industrious Crabbos.

This item is overstock from our Zyxx Quadrant mission, where apparently there were a number of systems that were uninterested in our valuable gift.

Currently our merch transporter only works in the United States of America, whatever that is. Contact us via email if you live elsewhere and we can quote you a shipping cost!

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